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Keeping your boiler in perfect working order is critical, especially in those cold weather months. We are here to to help on all boiler installation, repair and maintenance services. 

Air Conditioning

Our air-conditioning experts know exactly how to troubleshoot all the issues associated with AC units and much more. From common issues to complete air conditioning installations, Dennis Curtis has you covered.


Whenever refractory work isn’t done correctly, you are asking for major damage and significant risk to yourself, your loved ones and property. Our licensed professionals can assure you none of these issues will happen. Contact us today for any refractory work you may need!


Our piping repair and installation professionals understand exactly how to quickly diagnose your piping system.
They are also trained on how to find major issues and hotspots before they become a hassel. We also check that your system is always running as efficiently and as effectively possible.


Whether your HVAC system isn’t working the way it should, isn’t running as efficiently as it could, or isn’t turning on at all, our HVAC service experts can help troubleshoot the problem. We provide you with a detailed plan of action to get your HVAC services back up and running. 


  • After talking to Chris over the phone, I realized that all the local contractors wanted to over price me. I went with Dennis Curtis because they were fair and provided better quality than everyone else was offering.

    Christopher Rogers
  • The service was excellent it’s was exactly what I was expecting. The Boiler Installation was the best investment I made. Dennis curtis made sure that the whole process easy for me.

    Alicia Larson